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Your Mental Health Matters

Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well-being. Mental health impacts how you think, feel, act, and cope with stress in life. Having mental health problems is common, in fact, 1 in 5 people live with a mental health problem, including other teenagers. 

If you are thinking about harming yourself, get help immediately. You can call 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1.800.273.8255.

Being a teenager is not easy. Many teens are under a lot of stress to be liked by their peers, to get good grades, to get along with their family, and to make big decisions. All of these things and a number of other experiences can lead a teen to feel stressed, worried or anxious; and that is normal. But if these feelings become overwhelming or you feel very sad, hopeless or worthless, those could be signs of a mental health problem. If you have these or any of the following symptoms talk to a trusted adult:

  • Can’t eat or sleep
  • Can’t perform daily tasks like going to school
  • Don’t want to hang out with your friends or family
  • Don’t want to do things you usually enjoy
  • Fight a lot with family and friends
  • Feel like you can’t control your emotions and it’s affecting your relationships with your family and friends
  • Have low or no energy
  • Feel numb or like nothing matters
  • Can’t stop thinking about certain things or memories
  • Feel confused, forgetful, edgy, angry, upset, worried, or scared
  • Have random aches and pains
  • Smoke, drink, or use drugs
  • Hear voices

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The good news is that there are many people who can and want to help; you just have to reach out and tell them the truth about what is going on. Click the search the directory button to find local mental health services. You can also always talk to a teacher or counselor at school, your parents or another trusted adult, or your primary care doctor.  

a story about anxiety

I fell. I fell so far away from the person I used to be. I went from that girl who would always smile and laugh or make jokes to the girl who locked herself in her room all day. I started to have trouble sleeping. I would lay awake at night and stare into the darkness and be consumed with anxiety at the thought of my future. Would I even get into medical school? Is being a science major worth it? Why aren’t I as smart as my friends?